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What is a Provisorium and what is it good for?

Provisorium in dental clinic in Sopron

In the context of dentistry, a "Provisorium" (also commonly referred to as a provisional or temporary restoration) is essentially a temporary solution used to protect a tooth or teeth that have undergone some form of treatment, like root canal therapy or preparation for a crown. These temporary restorations are used for a variety of reasons:

  1. Protection: After tooth preparation, the exposed area might be sensitive and susceptible to damage. A provisorium acts as a shield, protecting the tooth from further harm.

  2. Aesthetic Purposes: If the tooth that is being treated is in a visible area, a temporary restoration can offer a more aesthetic look than having a missing or compromised tooth.

  3. Functional Purposes: A provisorium helps in maintaining the functionality of the teeth, allowing the patient to eat and speak relatively normally while waiting for the permanent restoration to be completed.

  4. Tissue Management: It helps in shaping the gums and surrounding tissues in a way that will make it easier to fit the permanent restoration later on.

  5. Testing: Sometimes, the provisorium serves as a kind of trial run, letting both the dentist and patient see how the permanent restoration might look and feel.

  6. Prevention of Tooth Migration: When a tooth is removed or altered, adjacent teeth may start to move into the empty space. A provisorium helps maintain the correct spacing.

It is usually made of materials like acrylic or composite resins, which are less durable and are meant to last only for a short period. It's critical to follow your dentist's advice on how to care for your provisorium, including dietary restrictions and cleaning methods, to ensure that it serves its purpose effectively until the permanent restoration is ready.

After the permanent restoration is ready, the provisorium is removed and the final, more durable material is placed, offering a long-term solution for the treated tooth.

If you have specific concerns or questions about provisoriums in dental treatment, it would be best to consult your dentist for personalized advice.

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